Tony Pasma


For me, photography is a journey ... a process of observing, capturing and sharing the world around us. The design, order and symmetry we witness in nature is nothing short of astonishing. On the macro scale, we see order in the line of waves breaking on a beach or the patterns sculpted by the wind in the sands of the desert. Branches reaching for the sky, the delicate curves of a succulent flower and the colors of change that cycle through the seasons are simple reminders of nature at work. There is intricate detail in the leaves of a tree or the feathers of a bird. The more we look, the more interesting things we can find. I truly enjoy this process of being aware.

I hope you enjoy the tour of my site. Please help me by providing feedback on the photos you like (or dislike). If you hover over an image you are viewing a menu will appear on the right. Simply select the green or red thumb to indicate your opinion.

All images are for sales and can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and mediums. You can explore the options by clicking on the "buy" button in the upper right.

Please contact me through the "contact" link below if you have comments, questions or are interested in hiring me for a project, event or special occasion.

Thank you and enjoy!

Tony Pasma
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